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TAp ‘Home Curator’ Opportunity for Norfolk artists


Want to get your work out there? Read on…..

Galleries shut, no art fairs, not even a café where you can hang some work to sell! Covid has made exhibiting and selling really hard for artists. As we look for new opportunities and ways of working, TAp has come up with an innovative way to get your work out there!

‘Home Curator’ matches Norfolk art collectors with Norfolk artists. Maybe you’re already showing and selling, maybe you’ve never shown or sold before? For a collector, the experience of inviting an artist to place work in their home is an exciting chance to look freshly at their own collection, consider hanging arrangements and the possibility of discovering a new artist.

For the artist, the experience of meeting someone who collects art, someone who has their particular taste and perspective is stimulating and thought-provoking. And of course the opportunity exists of making a sale and developing a relationship with a collector. For further details and to register your interest, please click  below.