Talking About practiceToday


What do we do?



TAp takes on an alternative approach to the modern and we feel outdated art schools . We create opportunities in the form of discussion groups, workshops, crit clubs, exhibitions and mentoring  as a way to encourage artists to talk to each other about their practice, irrespective of their experience or art form.











































TAp is a platform for artists not only to connect with each other, but to artists nationally and internationally. Everyone has something to say and by sharing our ideas and opinions, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time, it can help us to think of ourselves and our work from different perspectives.


The more we do this with others that we do not know, the more confident we become, enabling us to stand by our work and explain clearly and in simple terms to anybody (not just artists), why it is that we are passionate about doing something that we want to do.



We try and do this in an informal way and try to tackle serious issues, without taking ourselves too seriously. We hold various events & activities online and where possible throughout Norfolk.

                          The majority of our events are free or heavily subsidised