The Art Practitioner’s CritClub is a free monthly lunchtime hour of art criticism, held on site at independent venues around Norwich. It is open to anyone who would like to take part in honest critical conversation about any and all aspects of contemporary art. Led by TAP’s Stephanie Douet, together we explore the art scene of Norwich, seeking out exhibitions that manifest the flourishing artistic life of the city.

Each CritClub session is open, unmoderated and unregulated, beginning with a long look what we see before us – prior research of the work is discouraged! All aspects of the art are looked at, from the aesthetic, the abstract, the philosophical to the technical and the practical. The aim is to develop our critical skills, exchange ideas, and opinions, meet up and enjoy ourselves!

Past CritClubs

June: ‘Helen Keller Holding a Magnolia’ by Simon Davenport and Cerith Wynn Evans, at ‘Josey’, Willow Lane, Norwich

August: ‘Siblabela’ by Mira Calix at St. Peter Hungate, Norwich

September: ‘Outpost Members’ Show’ selected by Jessica Warboys, Outpost gallery, Norwich

October: ‘Work from Merzbarn Residency’ by TBA Artists’ Collective, Nunn’s yard, Norwich

November: ‘Greenheart’, Anna Townley, Outpost gallery, Norwich

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