A Home Curator gets her Nessie Stonebridge drawing


‘The Home Curator’ brings art into homes

TAp artists put their paintings into Norfolk collections

At TAp we  like to be a fountain of fresh ideas for artists, and we’re very happy with our latest one, ‘Home Curator’. The expression ‘art collector’ is a bit high-falutin’ but many people have accumulated paintings, photos, prints and objects in their homes.

The ‘Home Curator’ finds these collectors and invites them to host one work by a Norfolk artist. Through the magic of Instagram artists from Norfolk and Norwich were asked to submit work for selection and we were delighted with the enthusiastic response of everyone we spoke to.

Choosing artists was so difficult, with such a quantity of wonderful works to look at. We could have chosen all of them, but the main concept is ‘horses for courses’ – space may be an issue for a collector, or a particular colour scheme.

Soon however Stephanie was distributing her cargo of art to different parts of the county to excited collector’s. You can see short Instagram interviews between TAp and the Home Curators in a few weeks’ time.

  • To find out more or be part of the project as artist or as Home Curator, click here








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