TAp Home Curator interview #1: Alison

Which of your paintings would you save from a fire?            My husband’s painting

How many paintings do you own?          50

Abstract or figurative?       Splodgy but recognisable

Which one painting do you remember from your childhood?         Not a painting but wallpaper like Elizabeth’s, abstract but geometric

What’s your favourite way to hang paintings?              Depends on the room

What was the first artwork you ever bought?              Edward Bawden

Rothko or Picasso?             Rothko

Which one painting would you take to a desert island?         Any Ivor Hutchins

If you could time travel, whose studio would you visit?        Matisse’s

Did the painting you chose make you feel happy?                    Yes

How did you decide where to hang it?   I’d already allocated two possible spaces

Did your feelings about it change over time?    I got to understand and love it more

Would you buy this or another work by this artist?               Yes, another work

Any comments?                  I loved the fun and surprise of TAp Home Curator! I want to do it again!

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