Anna-Lise in her studio in Cromer.


Our second Home Curator has downsized to a farmhouse, and in her collection large paintings jostle for space with smaller works.  She chose to borrow a painting by Anna-Lise Horseley, a wildly prolific and prolifically wild painter from Cromer.


  • • How many paintings do you own? Somewhere between 30 and 40
    • Which of your paintings would you save from a fire? A large Mughal embroidered cloth we brought back from a trip in Inda
    • Abstract or figurative? Abstract
    • Rothko or Picasso? Picasso
    • Which one painting do you remember from your childhood?  Degas’ ballet pictures – the dancer, specially
    • What’s your favourite way to hang paintings – cluster, line, random? We’re in a rented house at the moment so – anywhere that fits!
    • What was the first artwork you ever bought? Papageno by Joanna Price
    • What’s the most you’ve paid for a painting? £800
    • Which one painting would you take to your desert island? A Holbein drawing
    • If you could time and space travel, whose studio would you visit? Holbein’s
    • Did the painting you chose make you happy? I was disturbed by the hair!
    • How did you decide where to hang it? There was a hook
    • Did your feelings about it change over the time period? I was intrigued by the hairy bit
    • Would you buy the work or another work by the same artist? Possibly
    Any comments? Part-payment might be interesting – and another time I’d prefer to choose which painting I have.


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