A Home Curator gets her Nessie Stonebridge drawing


‘The Home Curator’ brings art into homes

TAp artists put their paintings into Norfolk collections

At TAp we  like to be a fountain of fresh ideas for artists, and we’re very happy with our latest one, ‘Home Curator’. The expression ‘art collector’ is a bit high-falutin’ but many people have accumulated paintings, photos, prints and objects in their homes.

The ‘Home Curator’ finds these collectors and invites them to host one work by a Norfolk artist. Through the magic of Instagram artists from Norfolk and Norwich were asked to submit work for selection and we were delighted with the enthusiastic response of everyone we spoke to.

Choosing artists was so difficult, with such a quantity of wonderful works to look at. We could have chosen all of them, but the main concept is ‘horses for courses’ – space may be an issue for a collector, or a particular colour scheme.

Soon however Stephanie was distributing her cargo of art to different parts of the county to excited collector’s. You can see short Instagram interviews between TAp and the Home Curators in a few weeks’ time.

  • To find out more or be part of the project as artist or as Home Curator, click here








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Welcome to all our subscribers to our Blog. We both can’t be bothered with Facebook and so we thought the easiest and nicest way to communicate with TAp subscribers is through a blog, so here we are. Since our launch in the icy winter of 2018, with twenty-three national and regional artists showing their work in the spectacular Shoe Factory in Norwich, we have come a very long way in the evolution of our Alternative Art School. 

We started The Art Practitioner with the idea of offering an art MA with only the good bits – all the talking, doing and learning with the (expensive) academic non-productive stuff filleted out. We’d planned live weekends of art study with micro-exhibitions, artist conversations, live drawing in stately homes. We’d established #CritClub, on-site sessions at the most exciting local galleries and the renowned public spaces in the region and close by with free and open debate about the works; we met in small drawing groups around Norwich and did the odd studio visit. We had planned for 2020 an exhibition program that included talks, a film club, mentoring and children’s workshops.

Then Covid hit. But instead of withering and bemoaning our lost plans, our garden grew; we began TApchat, weekly sessions that gave artists a voice. helping and supporting each other throughout the first lockdown. We had fun by creating the Big Bad Draw and taking part in the rather grim Big Draw, where many of you bravely submitted your worst work for re-modelling. We offered free online introductory mentoring sessions, even managing a few studio ones during the summer. This has continued and we are currently mentoring several artists, two of whom have had successful ACE ‘Develop Your Creative Practise’ applications,  and others who we are helping by recommending other mentors and planning a way forward with their practice. Moreover, we’ve placed one of the artists in the first of our partnership residence, in this instance with Gun Brewery based in Sussex.