the Big Bad Draw








Is there such a thing as a bad drawing?

What makes a bad drawing?

How do you know when a drawing has gone bad?

How can you use this knowledge to make your drawing better?

What do you do with your bad drawing?

Can you rescue a bad drawing or do you ditch it?

Are there any famous bad drawings?

What can you learn from your bad drawing?

Who decides whether a drawing is good or bad?

Have you ever done a bad drawing? Of course you have! Do you bin it? Rub it out and start again? Or can you use what you learn from the process to create a better drawing? Can ‘bad drawing’ have strengths that good drawing alone can’t harness – subversiveness, eccentricity, emotional power?












Destruction is the complement and polar opposite of creation, the Yin of its Yang, and knowing what makes a bad drawing can help us make good drawings.


In The Big Bad Draw, TAP interrogates the idea of ‘bad drawing’ by exploring how we know when we have done one, what we mean by ‘bad drawing’, and explores what strategies we can evolve to make our bad drawing work better for ourselves.

We will be sharing ideas and tips on instagram and ask all participants to share a ‘bad’ drawing anonymously. All those taking part will then have the opportunity to rework a bad drawing and resubmit to popular vote via instagram. At the end of the project all remaining bad drawing will be recycled to create a very special prize for the Baddest drawing with the most votes


How does it work


Choose your baddest drawing and take a high res photo and send via Instagram DM to theartpractitioner or email to
Your drawing will then be posted anonymously on Instagram and available on  our website.


Participants from all over the world can download  somebody else’s drawing and begin the process of changing it from bad to good. Who knows who’s drawing you will choose?


Once you have completed your masterpiece. Resubmit the work via Instagram DM or email to The drawing will then be posted on Instagram stories for voting. All bad drawings will be re-cycled to create a special prize for the baddest drawing