TAp’s third Home Curator lives in a farmstead outside Norwich in an extravagantly colourful and fascinating house. Everywhere you look there are vases overflowing with flowers, rioting textiles, art and craft project in the making. Outside, peacocks and chickens pick their way around the lush garden.  Her choice was a large oil painting by Nessie Stonebridge, and here’s her questionnaire.

TAp Home Curator interview #3


Which of your paintings would you save from a fire?                        Mary Feddon

How many paintings do you own?          200

Abstract or figurative?       Figurative

Rothko or Picasso?             Rothko

Which one painting do you remember from your childhood?         A haystack by Monet

What was the first artwork you ever bought?  Alfred Cohen

Which one painting would you take to a desert island?         Rothko

If you could time travel, whose studio would you visit?        Lucian Freud

Did the painting you chose make you feel happy?        Yes, it engaged us    

How did you decide where to hang it?   It’s big and I wanted to see it properly so I hung it at the end of my bed

Did your feelings about it change over time?    I liked the energy of the work but found the subject menacing – a hunting scene!

Did the painting work with your collection?    Yes